Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Card and coloring

Here is one of the designs of the Christmas cards I made so far this year. The others will be based off of the images below. I love this tree image from HUNG ON A TREE T-3420. I used giverny green to stamp the image, and the copics to color the leaves and berries. I also use the stardust pen, of course glitter. The ribbon is tied with scrapbookers floss. I love that stuff.

I have been practicing with the copics. I think I am actual starting to get use to shading with the Copic's. I want them all.

I think my favorite is the snowman with the chick. It was the last one I did and I was blending the colors so much better than at the begining. I also added liquid applique.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Wow Finally back in the Groove....

Hostess club is next week on Monday. One week from today. Well I will definately share our projects. The ornament is adorable....

Wow has it really been since July. Well things have just been to crazy. I am excited about things that I have been doing. Hostess Club, pottery and know craft fairs. My next goal is to get things on esty.

Here are a few pictures of the craft fair from Saturday. I had a blast talking with people and just sharing about the angel company.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Inspiration

New catalogue! OVER 80 new stamps, 2 new double sided paper, copics, nestables what is not to like.
Stamp: PWP Roller Chick TW-3352
Paper: Kraft V244, Brown v235, Emma V-856
Embellishment: Gem Collections Red D-311, Red Floss F903
Ink: Moulin Rouge TT-196, and Burnt Umber TT-218
Impressabilities Dies Flowers K-306
Copics Ciao Set A F-916
Well I know two of my favorites are going to be the Impressabilities and the Gem Collections. I need all of them.
Hope you enjoy the cards, Someone needs to give me a lesson on how to take pictures of them, just doesn't turn out right.
We will be out of town for about a week, so I will post when we return. Unless in between packing I find a little time to stamp. Maybe I can take the new rubber with and stamp and cut out while talking with family.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Things have been crazy busy PAINTING.

Well Seminar was awesome. The new catalogue is incredible. The new items are amazing. I do not have anything I have created to post, but did want to let everyone know what I have been up to. PAINTING kitchen cabinets. First I had to strip the cabinets and then paint. It has been interesting, and exhausting. I will post pictures when I am done.

Also if you live in the Wichita area and are interested in participating in a hostess club, send me an email.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

swap - Welcome

Hard to give away..... (I secretly want to keep this one)

For stamp club I need 4 swaps for the theme welcome. So the next plan was to make a decision on an image. This is one of our new images that will be released at the end of the month. I am liking the sneak peaks I have seen of the new images.

This card is using a piece of paper where the pattern is the back of the card, then folded over. Scalloped edge, transparent paper for the cover. Connected with a brad. Tried to show the inside and back. The back is a little blurry.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Misc card

Just a quick little card, that I can add a sentiment to when I need to. I like having some ready just incase Bill comes to me and says I need. Or maybe I will send one. I love this image. I use it all the time. I would not have thought penelope paper would work so well. It started with using brown paper. I have lots of the brown paper for some reason. I was showing Leah some of the things to use the scorpal for, Of course we had to use the scorbug. I also wanted to show her how to stamp an image and then stamp on patterned paper and combine the two, not sure what this is called.

Oh and you can't forget to use floss. I have a little trick with the spiral's. I use a quilling tool to start the spirals.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

look back

Wow, I feel like I need to photoshop this photo. Our 17 year anniversary is this year during seminar. This is our engagement picture, (about a year before the wedding.) look at that hair.

We sure have changed since then.

The postal man brought a surprise today. My seminar bundle. I am excited to start using the new images.

Cards for a friend

A friend asked me to make some cards for her. These have been in my stash to post for some time, but had not gotten around to it. It was interesting to try and make something with some suggestions from the buyer, like use these colors or this type of images. I like them all Three but my favorite is the first one. Has more texture and bright colors.

This card was tricky to decided exactly what I wanted to do. I tried several things with this color scheme and I decided to make my own background. The button was the perfect addition. Heavy so I hope she did not need to mail. Maybe next time I should ask that ahead of time.

Oh and of course a sunflower. I had fun with the middle of the sunflower. I used crystal effects, but made it bumpy. Did not thing the area was smooth in real life so I banged it up. That was fun.

Hope you enjoyed them.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

cutomized photo books

Well in April I made some (15) customized books for a co-worker. (She paid supplies and a small fee per book). It took way more time than I had imagined. But here is the final product they turned out great.

I used the cricket for the personialized covers. The cover was a clear acrylic, the back of the album was a red photo mat. The albums where 6 by 6. Once I decided on what to use where the assembly line was not to bad. The greek lettering was done by using the sure cuts alot software for the cricket. I planned to use more of the cha cha colors but did not use much patterned paper. I wish I would have made an extra one for me....

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mojo Monday - 124

When I create things get so messy! I decided to do a challenge today. Which is from mojo Monday. Check it out.....
I used Wonder and Joy T-3254. This set is so adorable. 4 different figures and sentiments to all for 19.95. More Mimi paper and colored cardstock. the buttons and flowers came from Lemonade and Bitty Blossoms. Don't forget the scrap floss in turquoise. (Shh! I am addicted to the floss, I have every color.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Crazy Week at work, but no school Friday......

My boss has asked for some thank you cards. So this is what I ended up with. Thank's for letting me use your inks Jen. Simple, but homemade. Think it needs a little more to balance it if I make it again, but 20 made and in his box. I can't wait till Friday so I can create, create and oh yes create. Maybe even look for a challenge.

Never too Late to Post... Week old

Last weekend I gathered on Saturday with some crafting angels. Even if they are not all TAC angels anymore, they are still angels in my eyes. It is all to be about the love and excitement about crafting. Well these ladies have the wow!!!!

I was nervous about making a card for the shoebox activity. How can I make a card for these other angels to make. They all have had published work and are more experienced in card making than me. Well mine turned out ok, it was amazing how everyones was so different. (Except the like of bows. HA! HA!, mine ended up being knots)

My swap used more mimi paper, TAC stamp Dear Friend, I added a sentiment today. Notice the staples, oldie but goodie. This is actually a remake of the card from last week. Tried using the copic markers today. I need more practice.

Barb's Card - I love how she use a simple, but elegant design. Ok her sample looks better. The sentimant on her's is straight. But that's the fun of making it yourself. Modifications by mistake and or on purpose. I love how the black background paper is just slightly bigger. Almost makes it look like a marker was used.

Laurie's Card - This is one of my favorite new TAC sets. This boy is just adorable. The twine, and button was the fun, but final touch.

Jen's Card - I love this card, but you may want to look at Jen's sample on her blog not mine. I was a little challenged on this one. My fingers where not working. Oh and I need practice on bow's.

and Amy's Card - I really like this color combanation. Yes another bow, or should I say Knot.....

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What a wonderful day!

Today was a wonderful day. Talking and creating with friends. I have my mojo back and hope that I can post more and create more. I am going to work on creating my blog to represent me and all the fun crafting can be instead of a business and chore to do these things.

Friday, November 27, 2009

favorite Cookie Lee Necklace

My current favorite necklace is Angel Wing Faith Necklace. So light and inspiring. I love the detail in the wing.

One more, for Christmas box gift. Hopefully no co-workers
check my blog. If they do they will be surprised. But I can't wait to post.
The camera is not showing the coloring I did on the cake. The wedding cake was cut out with my cricuit. Which I am starting to use again. Their is two scallops on on the black mat, and one on the white card base, that I chalked to show the pink.
The flowers where crincked and sent throu the crimper.

The second picture, is a zoomed in veiw of the inside of the card.