Saturday, February 6, 2010

Never too Late to Post... Week old

Last weekend I gathered on Saturday with some crafting angels. Even if they are not all TAC angels anymore, they are still angels in my eyes. It is all to be about the love and excitement about crafting. Well these ladies have the wow!!!!

I was nervous about making a card for the shoebox activity. How can I make a card for these other angels to make. They all have had published work and are more experienced in card making than me. Well mine turned out ok, it was amazing how everyones was so different. (Except the like of bows. HA! HA!, mine ended up being knots)

My swap used more mimi paper, TAC stamp Dear Friend, I added a sentiment today. Notice the staples, oldie but goodie. This is actually a remake of the card from last week. Tried using the copic markers today. I need more practice.

Barb's Card - I love how she use a simple, but elegant design. Ok her sample looks better. The sentimant on her's is straight. But that's the fun of making it yourself. Modifications by mistake and or on purpose. I love how the black background paper is just slightly bigger. Almost makes it look like a marker was used.

Laurie's Card - This is one of my favorite new TAC sets. This boy is just adorable. The twine, and button was the fun, but final touch.

Jen's Card - I love this card, but you may want to look at Jen's sample on her blog not mine. I was a little challenged on this one. My fingers where not working. Oh and I need practice on bow's.

and Amy's Card - I really like this color combanation. Yes another bow, or should I say Knot.....


Jennifer Carter said...

You crack me up! Your bows (and knots) turned out just fine! You did a great job on your make & take! You're a pro!

Barb said...

It was so much fun... and everyone's projects were great! Can't wait to to get together again :)

kolling143 said...

I love your make 'n take! What a great time we had!! Can't believe it's been a week already!