Saturday, June 20, 2009

Craft Place

My craft space. It is in our basement that is unfinished. I love carts I have 3 in my work space. ok actually 4. I usually use the workspace directly infront of the TV. Need the noise. Look up from time to time. To the right of me is a cabinet with draws full of supplies I use some but not to often. The cart in front has my Bind-it all, some punches, cutter, chalks, ribbons, inks, embelishments ziplocks. All sorts of goodies. Just to the Left is a cabinet that has the computer, cricket. Catties, and business goodies. Directly behind me is the countertop with some workspace, but mostly storage.

The cart was from Lowes. I actually put it together, did not need DH for this one. All my 8X11 paper is stored in the file cabinets. Along with the smaller papers like my favorite Uptown Girl, 8 by 8.
Can you see the silver angel hanging from the card/swatch holder. This was a gift from my upline Barb. It's nice to have it out and inspiring me all the time.
Would love to see your craft space.


Stacy said...

Great space! Love your card display also.

Jennifer Carter said...

Looks like you have a great area to play in!! Thanks for the pictures!!

Barb said...

I thought you said that I had more crap (I mean stuff) than you?! Girl... I think you have me beat! :)
I would love to have all of that space!

Bren said...

I have you beat maybe on actual space, but I do not have things all the way around and to the ceiling. Maybe we have a tie.
Ha! Ha! See you soon!

But I am in an unfinished basement.

Monica-FC said...

love your roomy space. i always tv also. I always pop in a movie when i am in my room which is small though. but works.

Nancy B. aka Jean said...

Wow you too have a Craft room in your unfinished basement. Isn't it great! It looks like you have a lot of room. One thing I saw in your area. Is the cart that holds all of your Cardstock and DP.

That's such a great idea!

Thanks for sharing.