Monday, March 16, 2009


Several of us at work like to get together and just craft. Some Quilt, some make cards, some scrapbook. Of course we share our tools like the cricut and such. So this last weekend we got together. I thought it was just going to be me and Becky. Ok, I would be fine with that, but if we haul all that stuff its nice to have a crowd. Well we did. It was GREAT. I created cards with my Elemental Doodles stamps. I was in the mojo for these stamps.

I also organized, and finally found carts I liked that would fit in my space, pictures to follow later. I got these carts at Lowes, you decided size, type of shelf, size of poles. Really neat and easy. Not to bad on price. One cart is 16 by 36, two shelfs. THe top shelf holds my file boxes of paper. THe second cart is 16 by 16 with 3 shelves.

Week of spring break. I hope I finish the kitchen tomorrow so I have Wed and Thursday for crafting.