Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Mystery Swap

I participated in a mystery swap this month. I was not real excited when I saw the image. Not a stamp set I was thinking about getting, but after playing with just this one image, and thinking about how using different colors inks and stuff would be great, it is know on my wish list.

It is hard to see the shimmer on the picture, but I used shimmer chalk all over the image and the same color as the butterfly around the edge. I also added some shimmer to the butterfly with stickle, my new favor embellishment. I only have the one color silver. Will need to change that.


Ellie Jacobson said...


I felt the same way as you about this stamp set but now seeing your sample and others I really HAVE to have it! Thanks for sharing!


Patti J said...

Yay! Another great "Angel" blog! So glad I found you! I'll be following you - hope you don't mind! Mine isn't exciting yet, but feel free to stalk anyway if you would like!

Sally B. said...

Very striking. I didn't care for this set when I first saw it, but I may have to break down and order it.

Joani said...

I just "found" you thru PW and wanted to let you know that I love your blog. Your a great paper crafter. I'll be back for more Ü

Stacy said...

What a pretty card! I love the pink butterfly on the black image. It gives it a nice little pop of color :)

Scrap with the soul said...

So special.
I want this stamp
Thanks for sharing.