Friday, January 16, 2009

Update for the week


This week has been some what challenging. I have felt so tired all week. I did not get much craft time, I worked and slept. Last weekend and one night this week I did create some things. So here are my creations.

Saturday I will be working with students from school on their robotics challenge. I hope we get alot done, so it will be easier to work after school. 2 hours a night just is not enough to prepare. I will not get much craft time until Sunday. I really like how the Think about you Cart turned out.

It started with the flowers on the above card. I realized I could curve the edges if I used double sided paper, thought I would try it and wayla this is what I ended up with.


JavaMel said...

Your cards look great. I like the one that says "love" the best. But they're all wonderful.

RYC: Sorry you've not been feeling well. As for TAC, my upline is Kathleen Buchanan. She's awesome. I've been with TAC for about a year this time around (I was with them about 6 or so years ago too). It's a great company to demo for. I'm certainly not disappointed. Who are you signing up under?

Bren said...

I will be signing under Barb Foster and I noticed you follow her blog on your profile. So I just wondered.

I looked at pros and cons of stamp'n up and TAC I am leaning very strongly towards TAC.

So when will the first stamps be releaced for ED. Is it March.


Barb said...

Man, you've been busy!!! LOVE what you did with the double-sided paper flower... very cool!