Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sisterhood 27

I would like to support each other by sending birthday cards at the time of your birthday. If you are comfortable with this, please email me at In the email let me know your full name, birthday and snail mail address, and email. If it is ok to share this info with just the Sisterhood just put that in the note.



Kelly said...

Thanks for organizing this! :)

Jenny said...

Hi Bren :)
bummer! mine isn't 'til September!! lol But is a great idea!

Bren said...

Kelly's is September also.

*Sally* said...

Great idea, have emailed you! We should have a list of everyones birthdays! Mine is later, November :(


Hello Brenda, Iwould like to invite you to visit my blog as I have a gift for you, Gina

Candy said...

Hi from a fellow SBS #27 sister!!