Friday, December 26, 2008

Craft Area

This year for Christmas I received a large table. I asked for this for my crafts. I had been using a tiny table. So I have done some minor reorganiztions. I also found a great little box that works great for embellishments. (small embellishments).

I found this really awesome box at harbor freight today. It holds 24 little boxes, that I took out and put in a 8 by 11 drawer that I had been using for embellishments. (I had them left in their bags and such. This pictures shows both the box, and how I took the little boxes out. Oh! did I mention the box is on sale for 2.99, normally 4.99. Good price either way.

I try to keep all the things I use on a regular basis close to my work area, the cricket, my carttridges. I keep the books and cover in a seperate box, all organized and divided up. I did this so I can take them with me easily on crops. (I love the cricut!)

I store my papers in large 12 by 12 drawers I got at Walmart.